Shattered Dreams by Shirley Wilkinson

Nuanced and compelling… A page-turner.

Deadly secrets, love, deception, and political intrigue mark Wilkinson’s fast-paced SF adventure. The memories of her life that existed before she turned thirteen are gone for Avila Durant, a young woman living as a refugee with her adoptive parents on the planet of Aril. But recurring nightmares plague her sleep, weighing heavy on her psyche. During an annual event, an accident brings the enigmatic, handsome Galdren into her life. As their lives become entangled into each other, shocking secrets unravel, upturning their present. As the past refuses to fade away, Avila must choose between love and duty. Wilkinson ingeniously combines SF and mystery, and her superior storytelling and prose keep the reader invested. She excellently creates an exhilarating vision of the future which is grounded in accessible human drama, keeping a firm focus on Avila’s mysterious past and the tension it creates in her present. Avila’s underlying romantic chemistry with Galdren is deliciously sensual, and the urgent questions about duty, responsibility, expectations, and sacrifice provide the story a hefty dose of psychological meat. The immersive worldbuilding incorporates a memorable cast, treachery, suspense, and plenty of political intrigue. Shocking twists and relentless new revelations make the pages fly as the narrative builds to a satisfying climax which hints at another installment, with a difficult journey ahead for both Avila and Galdren. Wilkinson’s appealing take on interplanetary travel, intriguing space politics, and cleverly constructed suspense makes this a page-turner. Readers looking for a fast-paced space drama should snap this up.

Shattered Dreams

By Shirley Wilkinson

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Pub date February 26, 2021

ISBN 978-1736324004

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.11 Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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  1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful review. I really appreciate how you hit all the high points without any spoilers! Plus you really understood the nuances.

    Thank you again!

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