The Witches Three Count on Me! by Lynda Bouchard (Author), Yates Davis (Author), Kody Kratzer (Illustrator)

A rollicking fun through and through…

Loaded with nothing but wit and imagination, the unnamed little protagonist escapes three fearsome witches in this sprightly tale by Lynda Bouchard and Yates Davis. It’s Halloween, and the rebellious young boy finds himself in trouble after running away from home. Coming face to face with three scary witches in the middle of forest takes new meaning when he realizes that the witches are up to no good. The authors manipulate the theme of Halloween to good advantage, supplying their story with plenty of children-appropriate-scary moments. The little protagonist’s slightly rebellious streak and his determination not to be afraid, will strike a note of familiarity with young children. The story never skips a beat, and the devilishly wicked puzzle and goofy suspense will keep readers, both young and old, invested. Kody Kratzer personalizes the setting and character in her warm-colored, fun illustrations, bringing the cozy interiors, spooky forest, and fearsome witches to life. The satisfying ending is sure to prompt gleeful groans of “Oh, no!” from young readers. This Halloween frolic is a keeper.

The Witches Three Count on Me!

By Lynda Bouchard (Author), Yates Davis (Author), Kody Kratzer (Illustrator)

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Pub date September 7, 2021


Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $4.04 (CAD) Kobo eBook

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