Ascension (Age of Shadow Saga) by Marc R. Micciola

A wickedly addictive read…

Micciola draws on elements of fantasy and romance to create an exhilarating tale of love, murder, intrigue, and betrayal. It’s been two-hundred years since the sinister Kemryr is imprisoned. But the members of the vicious and deadly Black Light cult are determined to set Kemryr free, threatening to shatter the peace of Midstad, a peaceful land for over two centuries. All the races, including humans, elves, and dwarves must come together and fight the ruthless enemy. With a decidedly darker edge to the narrative, Micciola builds a spectacularly detailed fantasy world rife with high action, relentless suspense, and finely constructed battle scenes. The storyline, fraught with individual struggles, sinister conspiracies, political intrigue, and astonishing revelations keep the pages flying. Micciola’s prose is immersive as he explores his characters’ fears, inner turmoil, and personal trauma. The open ending climax will raise readers’ fervor for the next installment while solving several plot threads. Fans of sophisticated dark fantasy won’t want to miss this one.


(Age of Shadow Saga)

By Marc R. Micciola

Centaury Lilium Publishing

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Pub date August 14, 2020

ISBN 978-1777270704

Price $11.58 (USD) Paperback, 25.49 Hardcover, 0.80 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews

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