Acts of Closure by NT Anderson

Multifaceted and original… Deliciously erotic.

Anderson takes readers on one couple’s sensual journey of passion and discovery in her fascinating latest. It’s been almost a decade since Natalie talked to Jack Perry, the lusciously sexy, enigmatic stranger on the net. But Jack is no ordinary struggling writer, weighed down by a broken relationship and a devastating secret of his past she met online years ago: he is a highly successful screenwriter in Hollywood. And Nat herself is married now, content in her life except for a bit of restlessness that makes her wonder about Jack. What if she knocks on his door and announces herself suddenly? Can she find the courage to act on her fantasy? And what happens if she does? Anderson adeptly reveals the duo’s intricately complex attraction to each other, allowing their relation to develop with subtlety and sensuality. The story’s main draw is Jack and Nat’s passionate longing for each other and the sense of melancholy, which is an integral part of their love. Jack’s vulnerability and integrity make him a compelling hero. Nat, with her impulsiveness and honesty shines throughout. Though the thriller elements form the basis of the plot, the book is heavy on emotions and subtle romance, with tantalizing scenes of erotic love-making stretching beyond a few pages. The gripping narrative is rich with details, passionate romance, and poignant emotions while yearning and tender love dominate the story, turning the novel into a melancholy, haunting read. Erotic without being crass, the novel makes for a page-turner.


Acts of Closure

By NT Anderson

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Pub date February 5, 2021

ISBN 978-1736195031

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.05 Kindle edition

Categories: romance

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