The Necklace II: Back to Brighton, November 1962 by Linda S. Rice

Deftly plotted, highly atmospheric…

Marked with passionate romance, sizzling sex scenes, and poignant emotions, Rice’s second in The Necklace series takes readers on an exhilarating journey into the past once again. It’s been five months since Susan and her best friend Lynn return from their brief journey to the past. And though Susan knows she is better off being with her husband of decades, a lingering feeling about James is wreaking havoc with her life. Soon, Susan learns the cause of her restlessness: the ballerina necklace that she left behind is keeping her connection alive with James. Susan must travel back to the past and retrieve her necklace or risk losing her sanity. With her knowledgeable insights into her characters’ deep-seated emotions, Rice succeeds in keeping the tension high and readers glued to the pages while exploring her protagonists’ doubts, fears, and vulnerability. She is excellent when it comes to crafting both poignant and sensual moments that become the foundation for intricate character development. Rice’s plotting is excellent, and her finely sketched characters are easy to connect to and highly believable. Susan is convincing both as a fiery seventeen-year-old teenager and a sixty-two-year-old mature woman. However, as a wild teen she absolutely shines, rediscovering the passions and longings of her youth while also slowly coming to terms with the fact that the dashing James may not be the perfect fit for her after all. Rice does a good job showing Susan slowly coming to terms with her infatuation with James. John and Kiyoko’s sweet romance is endearing. Sizzling sex rules the story, with plenty of emotional moments overlaying a touch of introspection. Susan has much to learn about romantic relationships, particularly with James, and Rice gives her personal growth the space and weight it deserves. The twisty plot will keep readers on the edges of their seats as they’re led through a dizzying web of unexpected situations. There is a plenty of young adult drama, and the decades-old setting is vivid, making the reader disappear inside the free, rock ‘n’ roll world of the 1960s. The ending twist will make readers anxious for the next installment. Along the way, Rice explores themes of love, relationship, passion, regrets, misogyny, and patriarchy. Readers looking for scorching hot, low-stakes romance should find plenty to enjoy. Equal parts sweet and sensual, this is sure to be a hit.

The Necklace II

Back to Brighton, November 1962

By Linda S. Rice

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Pub date August 20, 2014


Price $1.04 (USD) Kindle edition, $4.61 Paperback

Categories: Historical fiction

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