The Seventh Circle by Thomas Bauer

Riveting and heartbreaking…

Bauer delivers a complex and authentic rendering of the forgotten victims of the Holocaust in a historical based loosely on the memoir of Heinz Heger, The Men With the Pink Triangles. For the bright and sensitive Karl Weber and the handsome Hermann Schrecht, the son of a powerful local politician, the spark flies at once after they meet in a bar. But the little Bavarian town of Fussen is not an ideal place for a homosexual couple to hang. Accused of violating Paragraph 175, which makes homosexuality illegal, Karl is sent to jail. But that’s just the beginning of his ordeal. He is soon transferred to a concentration camp, where he experiences horror at the hands of his Nazi captors. But the discovery that it was his lover who betrayed him to the Gestapo proves to be the final straw. Readers will fall in love with this story’s rich characters and scenery. There are many beautiful moments of longing and romance, but despair and desolation remain at the heart of the story. The depiction of innocent people trapped by circumstances beyond their control makes for a heart-wrenching tragedy. All of the characters are convincingly rendered, particularly Karl as he confronts temptation, love, and betrayal. Bauer makes a spirited character study out of Karl’s perseverance and describes his mental breakdown with aplomb. Throughout, Bauer offers a poignant look at the ineffable bond between a mother and son. Much has been written about the real-life atrocities of the concentration camps, but Bauer does justice to the novel’s inspiration and his fascinating period detail brings the era to life, with all its cruelties and violence against Jews, gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses among others. Karl’s story evokes the horrors of concentration camps and the Nazi government’s control of everyday life in the country, with horrific details explicitly mentioned, and the matter-of-fact style makes the characters’ sufferings even more palpable. The expertly paced plot includes Karl and Hermann’s love story, Karl’s subsequent arrest, his time in the concentration camps at Sachsenhausen and Flossenburg, and more, all handled with aplomb. The tension stays ripe, with plenty of shocking revelations, and the heart wrenching ending will linger in the reader’s mind long after they turn the last page.  This stirring historical about the forgotten victims of the Holocaust, the men who wore the pink triangle, makes for a page-turning.

The Seventh Circle

By Thomas Bauer


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Pub date October 2, 2020

ISBN 978-1098319069

Price $19.95 (USD) Paperback, $8.27 Kindle edition

Categories: Historical fiction

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