Comic book review: Bat Bunnies: “Capture” by Chris Flynn

A quirky, action-packed adventure…

Flynn knocks out an intriguing SF adventure, the Best Original Screenplay Finalist in the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival Los Angeles, in the latest episode of Bat Bunnies. In the first part, the bat bunnies are about to infiltrate the “tall tower” when they are suddenly caught in a trap. The second section sees the vampire duo travel back to their home planet, only to find that there is nothing left on their planet. The characters and their peculiar space world rendered in chunky lines, bold shapes, and restrained color palette is sketched with skill. The action sequences are energetic, and the palpable atmosphere compliments the storyline. The lack of various characters’ background makes the story tricky to follow. Hence, new readers will benefit from reading the Bat Bunnies’ earlier adventures in proper order. Slender and twisty, the comic book has what it takes to grab SF readers looking for an engrossing, fast-paced galactic adventure.

Bat Bunnies: “Capture”

By Chris Flynn

Buy now

Pub date May 16, 2021


Price $5.00 (USD) Kindle edition

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