Blood in the Low Country by Paul Attaway

A hard-to-put-down, intelligently delivered thriller…

Set in Charleston, SC, in the 1970s, Attaway’s electrifying latest effortlessly incorporates themes of faith and redemption into a tale of revenge, murder, and betrayal to deliver a page-turning suspense thriller. Life has been kind to Monty Atkins. With his highly-driven wife Rose, the girl of his dreams he met in college, by his side, two talented boys, Eli and Walker, and a successful law practice in the town, Monty is content. But when a girl is found murdered in the town, life takes a turn for the worse for the Atkins. With his family’s life in danger and business in shambles, Monty must get ready to face a sinister enemy who will stop at nothing to settle old scores. Filled with verve and skill, Attaway’s writing is assured and full of understanding and he is graceful as he unravels the tensions of the plot. He does an excellent job infusing his protagonists with realistic traits, making even the frustratingly self-centered Rose thoroughly human. With a prose that is engaging and precise, he balances tightly written scenes of Monty, Eli, and Walker’s inner struggles with tension-filled storyline, shining a light on their dilemmas, fears, and insecurities. The guilt and turmoil that Rose feels as she tries to balance her family life with her personal prejudices is incorporated skillfully into the narrative. Credibility never flags as the specifics of the event in Rose’s past are revealed, creating suspense as her family’s life comes unraveling. Attaway effortlessly blends anticipation of a fast-paced thriller and emotional quotient of a well-crafted story into a complex and engrossing plot. Attaway’s imagery of the South brings it to life. The issues of faith, revenge, and redemption make up a hefty portion of the narrative, and careful revelations and the promise of renewal keep the reader invested. Though Attaway delivers an emotional blitz in the Atkins family’s story, the novel, with its relentless suspense and high tension remains a suspense thriller at heart. There’s a nonstop supply of surprising twists and shocking revelations, plus tender moments of longing and love. The result is an expertly plotted, utterly engaging thriller that keeps the reader deeply invested all the way to its satisfying conclusion. With its atmospheric Southern setting, masterful execution of the plot, and nail-biting action, this well-polished, multifaceted novels shines.

Blood in the Low Country

By Paul Attaway

Linksland Publishing

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Pub date August 31, 2020

ISBN 978-1735401621

Price $15.78 (USD) Paperback, $2899 Hardcover, $8.25 Kindle edition

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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