Myface by Kevin Landt

Wholly original and truly addictive… A razor-sharp, thrilling ride.

Landt’s excellent latest blends nail-biting action with a highly imaginative premise. Struggling to get a job, L.A. hotshot Sebastian Shafer lies to his future employer about his association with “Hollywood socialite” Angela Fox. The only problem is she doesn’t exist. When Angela’s social media profile draws millions of followers, Sebastian finds himself in the middle of a sinister game of murder and conspiracy. Landt sprinkles in enough twists and turns to make what could have been an over-the-top premise plausible. The dark side of social media, including the unhealthy engagement, devastating effect on personal relations, and the despairing need to maintain the personal brand which remains in danger of trashing is skillfully integrated into the plot. Landt keeps the tension high and the reader guessing right up to the satisfying ending, while resolving every single plot twist.  Complex, deeply realized characters, expert pacing, and intelligent plotting make this a winner. An adrenaline high, nonstop thrill ride, this is an absolute page-turner.


By Kevin Landt

Ripland Publishing

Buy now

Pub date September 18, 2020

ISBN 9781735298108

Price $6.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.16 Kindle edition

Categories: Short Reviews, Suspense and Thriller

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