Walks with Sam: A Man, a Dog, and a Season of Awakening by David W. Berner

Exquisitely observed, brilliantly constructed… An irresistible work of storytelling.

Berner’s remarkable latest examines age-old questions of mindfulness and contentment. In a series of chapters, each dedicated to a single walk with his golden doodle Sam during a summer of hiking, Berner narrates his own journey of awakening to the beauty and harmony in the simple and ordinary. He creates a memorable depiction of both his own conscious, reflective nature and Sam’s vibrantly free spirit. His conflicts over his priorities and a longing to reevaluate his life are brilliantly distilled, and they seamlessly fit together into the affecting narrative. Throughout, there are beautifully crafted moments of tenderness between Berner and Sam. The book’s strength lies in Berner’s ability to provide freshly minted perspective on a familiar coming-of-age story. Readers will delight in Berner’s affecting worldbuilding and vivid prose. Evocative and humane, filled with tender emotions and deep insight, this is a novella of excellence.

Walks with Sam

A Man, a Dog, and a Season of Awakening

By David W. Berner

Roundfire Books

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Pub date September 1, 2020

ISBN 9781789044980

Price $13.83 (USD) Paperback, $6.73 Kindle edition

Categories: Fiction, Short Reviews

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