Legacy of Flame by Rebecca Bapaye

An outstanding tale of magic, mystery, and dark intrigues of politics…

Bapaye weaves an intricate tapestry of magic, mayhem, and intrigue in her debut fantasy. The fierce Elia Kolenikova, queen of the Ice Realm, is determined to protect the druid grove residing in her land after a deadly attack by the Fire Priest order. But to do that, Elia must learn more about the order’s history. Syllian sacrificed his mortal body to be born again in flames. Now two-thousand years later, he is hunted desperately by the order. What will happen when their paths collide? Bapaye draws on elements of fantasy and romance to create a labyrinthine plot with a slightly dark edge to the narrative. The storyline is fraught with political intrigue, deadly conspiracies, and unexpected revelations. The fantasy world that Bapaye builds is spectacularly detailed, and the high action and suspense and the well-constructed battle scenes keep the pages flying. This exhilarating tale of courage, perseverance, and love makes for a page–turner. Bapaye is an author to watch.

Legacy of Flame

By Rebecca Bapaye

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Pub date May 13, 2021


Price $4.15 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews

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