The Tempter’s Bane (The Drifters’ Road Book 2) by Kyle McCurry

A gorgeous, page-turning fantasy…

Adroegen and his friends take readers on an exhilarating journey in McCurry’s engrossing second installment in The Drifters’ Road series, as they set to face a powerful, sinister enemy. The goblin chief is killed, but the goblins have regrouped and resumed their search under the evil lord Vyroun. As the friends get surrounded by a pack of vicious goblins, they try their best to fight, but the enemies are in large numbers and difficult to fight under the cover of the night. Adroegen is lost and Caitren is captured. Edelbir, Kattalin, Gleowan, and Vaenn must look for the pair. With Vuroun planning to wage a war upon the kingdoms in the North, the group must find their way to the Silver Mountains and reach the dwarves soon or risk losing their friends forever. McCurry’s writing is simple and accessible, the narrative smooth, and the worldbuilding impressive; the fantasy world that he creates is described in vivid imagery and precise detail and is immensely appealing: there are Galesir—the magical jewels that once were stars hanging in the sky; Elunbelan, the tree whose roots hold the earth together and from its branches hang the sun, the moon and all the stars in the sky; the magnificently detailed hidden dwarven kingdom under the mountains; the Fornwood—the vast Woodland with its Fairywater; and magical beings such as the sinister goblins, compassionate dwarves, powerful wizards, mysterious nymphs, menacing trolls among other. The intriguing interplay between the various characters keep the story engrossing, and the expert pacing and intricate plotting allow readers to truly enter this fantasy world. The characters’ individual struggles are convincing and complex, and both humans and magical creatures are portrayed with equal realism and seem indisputable part of a real world. Readers will be heartened to witness Adroegen’s coming to terms with his past trauma. Caitren, with her tough-as-nails personality and resilience makes for a worthy heroine. The well-drawn secondary characters round out the story nicely.  The narrative acquires depth and intrigue after the friends reunite and vow to fight their fearsome enemies. McCurry’s intelligent considerations of the complex issues of courage, loss, grief, friendship, trauma, and perseverance brims with insight and understanding. The classic theme of good versus evil plays nicely against the fantasy background. Filled with intrigue, insight, and magic, the novel will enchant both YA and adult readers of fantasy.

The Tempter’s Bane

(The Drifters’ Road Book 2)

By Kyle McCurry

Sugartown Publishing

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Pub date June 5, 2021

ISBN 978-1637529362

Price $19.99 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Fantasy

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