Justin and Benja’s Adventures in Dignity Village by Marsha Ralston

An incisive portrait of human resilience…

Poignant prose and atmospheric setting mark this affecting refugee tale by Ralston. After losing his father and grandmother to a nightly raid, Justin is living with his mother in a tent in Mexico. With their house burnt down and danger of getting prosecuted in Mexico, their only hope is getting the US court’s decision in their favor and becoming a US citizen. Life is hard, but when Justin meets Benja, he knows he is not alone. Ralston brings a strong, memorable voice to the immigrant experience as her protagonists go through motions of their difficult lives while awaiting the judge’s decision. The portrayal of the kids’ emotional life is both moving and authentic. The prose is accessible, and the personality-laden, warm colored illustrations bring the story to life. Ralston beautifully weaves themes of friendship, family ties, solidarity, and faith into the affecting narrative while offering a lens into the difficult life of asylum seekers. This is a winner.

Justin and Benja’s Adventures in Dignity Village

By Marsha Ralston

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Pub date

ISBN 978-1098073657

Price $13.75 (USD) Paperback, $8.13 Kindle edition

Categories: Children's Fiction

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