Think Again by Richard Nelson Kane

Captivating and unpredictable…

Kane takes readers to an action-packed journey for a significant parable about humanity, science, and moral values. An impulsive decision to throw himself in a light scuffle at an antique car show leads Davids, an auto body mechanic in a family-owned garage, to get entangled in a series of unfortunate events, upturning many lives. When a programmer creates a thought-reading tool, it’s supposed to help the needy. But there are nefarious forces who want to use the tool for their own sinister motive. Kane is excellent when it comes to page-turning intrigue, and his nuanced, solid characters are rooted in reality. He does a fantastic job illuminating the struggles faced by his protagonists while weaving in provocative reflections on life, loss, grief, trauma, redemption, obsession, technology and ethics, and how morality shapes people’s perception of good and evil. An engrossing blend of philosophical insights and science fiction, this is a page-turner. 

Think Again 

By Richard Nelson Kane

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Pub date July 19, 2020

ISBN 979-8665808208

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Short Reviews, Suspense and Thriller

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