The Devil, Angels, and Demons by Patty Lesser

Clever, thrilling, and full of heart, this is paranormal fantasy done right…

Lesser spins a graceful web of intrigue and darkness in her latest. Alida is merely going through the motions until an unexpected stroke of luck brings her a large sum of money. The financial burdens ease, but she finds herself hampered by a strenuous task: to free all the locked souls a demon is ensnaring for decades. Lesser drives the complex story forward with a focus on her fully fleshed-out, interconnected characters. She memorably portrays Alida who has no qualms about facing the evil, even if it means putting her own life in danger. Oliver, whom she burdens with a terrible dilemma is heartbreakingly real. Immersive storytelling, expert pacing and plotting, and a dash of light romance make it a page-turner. Lesser skillfully builds a fast-paced paranormal fantasy around both the battle between good and evil and her protagonist’s struggles to alter her own life. Urban fantasy fans won’t be able to put down this gripping tale of good versus evil. Lesser is an author to watch.

The Devil, Angels, and Demons

A Rogue Demon Wants His Own Hell and He Will Go to War with the Devil and a Chosen Woman to Get It

By Patty Lesser

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The Distinctive Storytellers

Pub date March 23, 2021

ISBN 978-1777642402

Price $3.05 (USD) Kindle edition, $15.95 Paperback

Categories: Short Reviews, Urban fantasy

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