DELSAR: The Champion & The Hero by A.D. Morway

An action-packed tale of endurance and solidarity…

Morway’s enticing tale takes readers into a world of trolls, mercenaries, political conspiracies, and high-stakes quest that carry costs and consequences. The Queen is slayed. The people blame the very man who swore to protect her at all cost. Once the Champion, Arviakyss is now an outcast and known simply as Delsar. He is a missionary now. Pay him enough, and he will be there to take out any troll or bloodthirsty monster.  When Elidria approaches Delsar to save her village from a group of mysterious attackers, Delsar reluctantly agrees despite his initial reservations. But there are sinister forces who have no intention to see Delsar return. The narrative moves back and forth between various characters and timelines, revealing their troubled backstories. The simple, accessible prose is complemented by intricately plotted conspiracies and the shifting relationship between Delsar and Elidria as others join them in their quest to defeat the Darkened Wanderers. Subplots involving a sinister laboratory experiment and Delsar’s fall from grace add mystery and intrigue. The pacing is swift and the new revelations are introduced at regular intervals. In addition to nuanced characters, Morway skillfully weaves in the themes of loss, grief, trauma, betrayal, trust, endurance, solidarity, and the necessity of putting one’s trust in others. Delsar and Elidria are dynamic and complex, deeply human in the face of all their personal traumas. There is also plenty of political intrigue, and while the novel will appeal to adult fantasy fans, the writing is perfectly inclined at teens trying to find their own place in the world.


The Champion & The Hero

By A.D. Morway

Writers Republic LLC

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Pub date December 30, 2020

ISBN 9781637280836

Price $31.99 (USD) Hardcover, $21.99 Paperback, $3.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy

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