Elephant in the Kitchen! by Aleksandra Starling (Author), Emily Walker-Vaughan (Illustrator)

A sumptuous serving of veggies and laugh…

Bright and brassy, Starling’s first in the Healthy Habits series, features an unlikely pair of adorable friends. When the young protagonist finds a little, adorable elephant, the size of a lemon, in his kitchen, he is more than delighted. Soon, the boy and the elephant become friends. As their friendship grows with the game of hide and seek that they play every day, the boy is pleased to find his new friend loves veggies and fruits as much as him. The way Starling portrays both her adorable protagonists’ love for veggies and fruits through their subtle games of hide and seek, rather than declaring it in words outright, is both imaginative and winsome. Emily Walker-Vaughan’s bold colored, delightful illustrations are filled with invention and wit, giving more charm to this appealing story. This fun tale, with its significant message about cultivating healthy eating habits, will encourage readers to try the greens while making them laugh.

Elephant in the Kitchen!

By Aleksandra Starling (Author), Emily Walker-Vaughan (Illustrator)

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Ages: 2-8

Inspired Universe LLC

Pub date November 30, 2020

ISBN 978-1735419909

Price $14.99 (USD) Hardcover, $3.52 Kindle edition

Categories: Children's Fiction, Short Reviews

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