Rampant Necromancer (Northern Necromancers: The Island #2) by Amy B. Nixon

Fast-paced and witty… A page-turner all the way through.

Ancient Norse mythology, sinister creatures, dark magic, and secrets abound, sprinkling Nixon’s latest multilayered urban fantasy, the second in the Northern Necromancers: The Island series, with intrigue and mayhem. Newbie necromancer Learyn Dustrikke is not too thrilled to be in Norway, leaving her San Francisco home behind. The life on Nordstrøm Island is anything but easy: murder, mayhem, and violence rule trainees’ everyday lives. An eerie livløs haunts Learyn’s dreams whereas a soured friendship with a close friend is wreaking havocs on her piece of mind. Struggling to navigate the ups and lows of her chaotic life as the owner of powerful death magic, Learyn must deal with another threat, which is darker and deadlier than before. Nixon complements the story’s dark tone with characters’ introspective musings and atmospheric imagery. She sustains a high level of suspense while adding new insights into the character of her endearing lead: Learyn is a reckless and unrelenting protagonist, ready to take on anyone who gets in her way. Toward the end though, she achieves an understanding about her own role that she’s expected to play in the Dustrikke history. Like her resolute heroine, Nixon’s writing is full of intelligence and a razor-sharp wit. The dialogue is crisp and witty, the pacing swift, and the plotting tight. Violence, bloodshed, and gore are in plenty. Along the way, Nixon weaves in complex themes of PTSD, trauma, rape, slavery, self-doubts, friendship, love, and self-discovery. This marvelous tale is certain to win Nixon a whole new bunch of urban fantasy fans.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Rampant Necromancer

(Northern Necromancers: The Island #2)

By Amy B. Nixon

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Pub date February 25, 2021


Price $3.17 (USD) Kindle edition

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