Eve-O by Danielle Gomes

Tension-filled and entertaining, with relentless twists and turns…

Fueled both by character and medical surprise and gore, Gomes’s debut medical thriller has all the ingredients to turn it into a solid read: a viable plot, shocking revelations, and convincing high stakes. The COVID-19 crisis is far behind, but new and relentlessness pandemics have taken its place. Social distancing and wearing masks have become a new norm. When a team of scientists discover the devastating consequences of evolution gene in modern humans, they know the human race is at the brink of extinction. Emergency Doctor, Gabrielle Gale, is enlisted by billionaire Lucien Sabara of AmCorps Lab, to join Security Specialist, Lieutenant Christopher Silver and Lead Scientist Dr. Trent Martins on a quest to isolate a cure. But there is someone else who wants to use the cure for their own sinister motive. Gomes vividly portrays the daunting Amazon setting while maintaining taut suspense. She builds tension by alternating between Gabby and the team’s struggles with their relentlessly unforgiving environment and the inquiry into the RFP’s obviously sinister motive. The fascinating scientific and medical details about virus-related mass infections, vaccines, and antibodies are inserted into the twisty narrative with precision and skill. Well-rounded characters compliment the crisp prose and assured writing, and the plot gallops along at high speed. Relevant anxieties about virus-induced pandemics and ethical issues about genetical experiments propel the tension-filled narrative further. With its rigorous plotting, clever premise, and swift pacing, the novel makes for a page-turning read. Medical thrillers fans will want to see more of Gomes’s work.


By Danielle Gomes

Author website

Pub date May 11, 2021

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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