Above Ground by Sarah Gerdes

Tightly plotted, excellently executed… A thrilling web of mystery.

Gerdes spices up her latest suspense thriller with romance, intrigue, and murder. As a new attorney, Shay Wilson is barely making ends meet. Out of desperation, she begins to bartend at the most happening club in the city. The money is good, and she’s able to score new contacts for her private practice. Meanwhile, bodies of lawyers are piling up in the city. When Shay uncovers some unexpected and disturbing details about her new clients, her investigation leads her to a direct link between her clients and the recent murders. With her life in danger, Shay has no option but to enter the dark underground world and join a deadly game of survival. The pacing is smooth and even, and Gerdes balances the tension and grisliness of the underground life with affecting romance, sharp dialogue, and fully-fleshed out characterization. Shay is feisty throughout, and the extreme hardening of her character toward the end is both surprising and uplifting. Gerdes seamlessly weaves the gritty crime drama around the characters into the love and loss in their lives. Setting her rich narrative against the sin city’s vibrant scenery integral to the plot, she keeps pages turning. But what makes this novel most engaging is Gerdes’s ability to suffuse her story with rich details of her protagonist’s life, as well as sizzling doses of intrigue and mystery. Intelligent prose, entertaining storytelling, and enticing suspense make this a read to be savored.

Above Ground

By Sarah Gerdes

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Pub date March 17, 2021

ISBN 978-1734263367

Price $10.95 (USD) Paperback, $2.53 Kindle edition

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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