Level Zero by Dan McDowell

A solid, chilling horror…

McDowell builds a world of betrayal, dark intrigue, decay, and uncanny in this tightly constructed horror. An unfortunate accident forces Chris Wilkerson to accept the ownership of The Oak Hollow Hotel, a run-down, abandoned facility. Trying to make the best of the deal, Chris begins a call-center specializing in horror stories. But there is someone lurking in the abandoned tunnel just beneath the hotel, and they mean business. When Todd Adams, a manic-depressive financial advisor, finds himself captive in the tunnel, he knows he must battle his malevolent captor to save not only himself but the fifty-three others as well. The world McDowell depicts is both deeply engrossing and unsettling, and the novel offers plenty for horror lovers who enjoy their stories with a hefty dose of savagery and harrowing imagery. The characters: the defeated, troubled Chris; the determined Todd; and the demonic Joe remain original and memorable. The narrative rocks, with intense violence and genuine scares, and McDowell’s intelligent worldbuilding is a plus. Dark and often bone-chilling, the novel generates both chills and thrills.

Level Zero

By Dan McDowell

Black Rose Writing

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Pub date May 13, 2021

ISBN 9781684337040

Price $19.99(USD) Paperback, $6.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Horror, Short Reviews

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