Isle of Dragons by L. A. Thompson

Thrilling and convincing… A cinematic high fantasy.

Thompson weaves a complicated tapestry of magic, mayhem, and intrigue in her latest high fantasy, featuring sixteen-year-old Jade Sol. Jade’s world turns upside down after her father is banished to the Isle of Dragons, a desolate land where magic runs wild and deadly. With the royal army on her trail, Jade sets on to rescue her father, unaware of the dangers coming her way. Magnificently detailed worldbuilding brilliantly combines elements of steampunk fiction and high fantasy, and the high stakes elevate the expansive, action-packed plot. Jade, with her struggles and fierce determination remains a relatable and deeply endearing heroine. Savage battle scenes, winding storyline, and a story arc fraught with political intrigue, deadly conspiracies, and unexpected betrayals keep the pages flying. The cliffhanger finale should leave fans anxiously awaiting the next installment. This enthralling tale of resilience, courage, and friendship is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. Thomas is an author to watch.

Isle of Dragons

By L. A. Thompson

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Pub date December 7, 2020

ISBN 979-8571926171

Price $13.44 (USD0 Paperback, $1.00 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews

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