Silver and Evergreen by J C Bates

A heady blend of magic, romance, intrigue, and Faerie lore…

Bates draws on elements of fantasy and romance to create a labyrinthine plot with a decidedly dark edge in a narrative rife with physical and sexual violence, sinister conspiracies, betrayal, murder, and magic and love in her engrossing debut. As long as Cam can remember, she has been an unnamed slave of the cruel Drakon, using her shape-shifting abilities to be anything her master wants in order to please his wealthy customers. But an opportunity arises and she makes her escape to Adelaide and learns she is an azure, a half-human and half-fae, born 700 years after the devastating war that raged between humans and faefolk, forcing faes to leave the long-enduring world of human companionship. She forms a tender bond with the roguishly handsome Sebastian Hawthorne, the King of Adelaide. But there is someone in the kingdom who wants Sebestian dead. It’s up to Cam to help the king and to unlock the mysteries of her own past. Bates’ descriptions of Cam’s plight as a slave and her struggles to get accustomed to the ways of the world haunt as well as charm. Brilliant worldbuilding, fully developed supporting characters, and a beguiling, resourceful heroine enhance the intricately developed intelligent plot. Sebastian, thoroughly sympathetic, is as endearing as the lovely Cam . The prose is crisp and the pacing stays measured as the action spirals toward a satisfying ending with a cliffhanger, enhancing readers’ fervor for the next installment. Along the way, Bates explores the difficult subjects of rape, slavery, greed, and the delicate boundary between love and obsession. Readers will enjoy their trips into this enchanted world of fae magic.

Silver and Evergreen

By J C Bates

Note: This review is for an unpublished manuscript

Categories: Fantasy

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