The Mystery of Healing: Only a Skilled Hand can Stitch the Human Heart by A P McGrath

Stunning and compelling, not your typical mystery…

McGrath pairs his impressive lead with a challenging murder to unravel in his latest, a mystery set in the memorable setting of ancient Rome. Solon of Pergamon, the chief physician at the munus, finds himself into the middle of a murder investigation after his much-loved, renowned mentor is found dead under suspicious circumstances. But getting to the heart of the murder is not easy, especially with the corruption rampant and sinister conspiracies at work. Torn between love and duty, Solon must choose wisely. McGrath plausibly fleshes out his characters: the winning, self-sufficient and proud Solon should be able to sustain a long series in case McGrath decides to write more books, featuring him as the reluctant sleuth. The storyline is gripping and often intriguing, and McGrath does a brilliant job keeping both tension and suspense high as the plot careens into a series of twists. Deeply atmospheric setting, multidimensional characters who are less than perfect but wear their foibles proudly, and intrigue keep the pages flying. This entry should garner McGrath a slew of sophisticated classic mystery fans.

The Mystery of Healing

Only a Skilled Hand can Stitch the Human Heart

By A P McGrath

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Pub date March 14, 2021

ISBN 979-8594690271

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Mystery

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