War of My Brothers (Waldwick series) by Kenneth Linde

A remarkable feat…

In his impressive and significant fifth installment in the Waldwick series, Linde adeptly conjures 59-year-old Hank Terrill’s life as he sets out to explore America. Hank has seen it all—the First World War, Spanish flu, the 19th and 21st Amendments, Great depression, WWII, Korea, and the changes Viet Nam War brought to Americans, and the way America changed throughout the century. When his beloved wife of 40 years dies in a tragic accident, Hank finds it hard to keep going. Trying to move forward, he sets on a trip to explore America. Meeting the lovely Kathryn brings a ray of hope for Hank, but he’s only a struggling dairy farmer from Mineral Point, Wisconsin and she’s a wealthy socialite in Washington DC. Will they unite? Set against the vast backdrop of 20th century America, Linde creates a memorable depiction of both Hank’s conscious, reflective nature and Kathryn’s vibrantly free spirit. The relationship between the two is rooted in endearing maturity. Hank’s excursion across different cities takes readers on a whirlwind tour of America and what it stands for, creating a definitive portrait of the country’s social, political, and economical dynamics in the 20th century. Along the way, Linde touches on the subjects of women empowerment, racism, class disparity, the futility of wealth accumulation, perusal of happiness and the great American dream. This is a political novel at heart, and what makes this truly stand out is Linde’s expert execution of the plot, which in lesser hands could have become a jumbled mess of scattered ideas and philosophies. The novel is not for everyone, but lovers of sophisticated literary fiction who don’t mind a hefty dose of politics in their stories will be gratified.

War of My Brothers


By Kenneth Linde

Coming soon

ISBN 7-54858-43967-2

Price $19.95 (USD) paperback

Categories: Fiction

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