Book blurb: The Doctor’s Dilemma: Short Stories by Daly walker

Life, mortality, marriage, relationships, love, longing, infidelity, guilt, trauma, self-doubts: THE DOCTOR’S DILEMMA forms a vivid, expansive portrait of surgeons’ everyday struggles.

An old man struggling with loneliness welcomes a stranger in the middle of night. A son struggles to come to terms with his own identity after old family secrets unravel. A doctor demonstrates what it means to be a healer as he takes his teenage son to visit a psychopathic killer on death row. A man wrestles with old hurts and longing after he makes contact with an old lover. A doctor struggles with a difficult decision after his cancer-ridden patient asks him to end his life.

Original and evocative, endearing and brilliant, the stories in THE DOCTOR’S DILEMMA oscillate between life to death, hope to despair, exhilaration to anguish. Humming with life, the stories create a collage of medical professionals’ everyday struggles, entwining moral allegory and familiar life situations.

Subtle, pure, and stunning, the collection will entertain, challenge, and move readers.

The Doctor’s Dilemma

Short Stories

By Daly Walker

Grand Canyon Press

Publisher’s website

Coming soon

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  1. The stories here remind us that the doctor in the white coat may also be our neighbor and fallible like us, trying his best to live a decent life. Past mistakes may cast shadows, but do not prevent the achievement of a fundamental goal: « do no harm! ». The collection is more upbeat than its title suggests…

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