RangerKnights (The Book of Ruin 3) by W.G. Hladky

Perfectly paced, expertly crafted, and explosively action-packed … Irresistible.

Set into a post-apocalyptic world, Hladky’s entertaining, compelling third installment to The Book of Ruin series (after The Flashfall Sword) see the gutsy RangerKnights return to a Jihadi-oppressed downtrodden town, to retrieve the Book of Ruin, as chaos sweep the tumultuous land. When the first volume of the Book of Ruin lands in the hand of the Andatunisian emir, he knows he must get the second book in order to protect his people against the vicious radiance burns. He orders his inexperienced son, Prince Asem, to accompany the highly esteemed RangerKnights, the post-apocalyptic paladins, into the heart of the Skinweaver’s territory to recover the book. Meanwhile, the mysterious Sea People are raiding coastal settlements to increase their stock of slaves. It’s up to Lovell Weir and his band of fierce warriors to put a stop to the unsavory practice. But things do not always go as planned, and with the young Prince accompanying the warriors, Lovell’s mission becomes more complicated. As they journey into the chaotic land, both Lovell and Prince Asem find themselves struggling between duty and desire. Hladky pieces together an elaborately intricate tale of action and intrigue that easily transports readers into its fantastical world. With a keen eye for setting and character, he weaves fascinating SF elements into the Middle-Eastern period detail—the anti-gravity skimmers, the deep winding caverns, the lush Transylvanian mountains, the magnificent hanging castles, the pontiff’s foreboding basilica, New Reykjavik’s colorful market, and the Skinweavers’ mountaintop lair—all come alive. Hladky is skilled when it comes to drawing his characters’ inner struggles. He uses a skillfully drawn cast of intriguing characters to portray the complexity of the everyday hardships in extraordinary circumstances: Lovell, who is determined to protect the downtrodden, struggles between duty and desire; Prince Asem, who gradually gets accustomed to the RangerKnights’ ways, wrestles with his inner turmoil as he is forced to pick between obligations and dreams; Princess Nazanin has her own demons to fight. Though the new readers will wish for a more detailed take on RangerKnights’ backstory, the fans of the first two volumes will find themselves immediately taken to Lovell’s new adventure. The expert combination of high action, immersive storytelling, tight plotting, and well-infused science fiction elements makes for a memorable experience. Fans of nail-biting action adventure won’t want to miss this adventurous tale of political intrigue, survival, and liberation.


(The Book of Ruin 3)

By W.G. Hladky

Pub date January 5, 2021

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Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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