Elisabeth Samson, Forbidden Bride by Carolyn V. Hamilton Proctor

Profoundly moving and compelling…

This poignant and powerful tale by Proctor describes a young Black woman’s journey to obtain legal permission from the reigning Dutch government to marry a White military man—during one of the stormiest times in the history of Suriname in the 18th-century South America. Elisabeth Samson, a free affluent Black woman and slave owner, has accumulated plenty of wealth, and her only desire is to marry Carl Otto, a Dutch military man. But Dutch law doesn’t allow that. Elisabeth knows what she wants and to get that she’s ready to go to any length. Proctor threads significant bits of Suriname history throughout the narrative, using the story of Elisabeth as a free Negress while exploring the Black slave population’s struggles with prejudices, class disparity, and atrocities. Writing with insight and perception, Proctor brings her protagonist to life while a colorful cast, poignant emotions, violence, bloodshed, and the historical events that shaped the people and the area are incorporated skillfully into the affecting narrative. This is a winner.

Elisabeth Samson, Forbidden Bride

Based on the true story of the first black woman in 18th century Suriname to get legal permission to marry white

By Carolyn V. Hamilton Proctor

Swift House Press

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Pub date June 6, 2020

ISBN 978-1733720946

Price $17.95 (USD) Paperback, $4.15 Kindle edition

Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews

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