The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness by Victor D. O. Santos

A real charmer that educates and entertains at once…

Reflective and captivating from the get-go, Santos’s latest follows a young boy as he embarks on a quest to spread happiness. As long as Ben can remember, he has always loved drawing. He loves to draw every day, all the time, day and night. He draws while brushing his teeth, eating his meals, or traveling in the school bus. And others love his drawings. An idea pops in Ben’s head one day: start a Happiness Club and to be its member, one has to make one person happy every day. Soon the club has members all over the world. Ben’s Happiness Club remains the center of this hopeful, gratifying tale. The luscious illustrations featuring a spectrum of bold and bright colors complement the rhyming text while helping to solidify Santos’ message about the reward of spreading happiness and how making others happy is a sure way to make your own self happy. This is a wow book, just right for parents and children to share.

The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness

By Victor D. O. Santos


ISBN 978-1-64962-100-9

Price $23.99 Hardcover, $13.99 Paperback

Categories: Children's Fiction, Short Reviews

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