In the Land of Boxes by Kim Hebert

Accessible, appealing, and reflective… A winning debut.

Insightful and warm, Hebert’s debut picture book celebrates self-identity and the joy of being one’s own person. The young unnamed protagonist’s world is filled with the most incredible boxes: some of them are tall; some are tiny; some have the brightest color one could ever imagine; and some have trendy patterns. But as he gets older, he finds others constantly trying to put him in their own boxes. He must resist their choices and be his own person. Hebert’s first-person narrative pinpoints the unnamed protagonist’s independent spirit and desire and willingness to find his own creative path while insightfully and poignantly revealing his frustration at others’ constant criticism and nagging as they try to force their own choices on him. The jaunty rhythm of the text is ideal for a parent-child read-aloud. The message about self-discovery and the need to carve one’s own path is heavy-handed, but Hebert conveys it in easy, accessible language. Bright, cheerful illustrations feature a spectrum of eye-popping colors. This is a solid debut.

In the Land of Boxes

By Kim Hebert


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Pub date December 18, 2020

ISBN 978-1525564420

Price $13.44 (USD) Hardcover, $9.12 Paperback, $7.89 Kindle edition

Categories: Children's Fiction, Short Reviews

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