The Battle of Spencer Street (Bikes in the Mango Tree Book 1) by Evi De La Roca (Author), Maria Alliaud (Illustrations)

A marvelous, compelling book for children experiencing constant anxiety…

In La Roca’s brilliant series kicker in the Bikes in the Mango Tree series, a young boy learns to overcome his anxiety. Sander is a good kid, but he worries too much: the preservatives in food stop him from enjoying it completely; the dangers of getting hurt wouldn’t let him play basketball; the downstairs bathroom is a scary place because of his fears of monsters. But when Mrs. Luis, Sander’s next-door neighbor, tells him about the infamous war crow Geranium Hoggledy-Poggledy’s plan to steal Sander’s darling dog Tuffety’s collar, Sander comes face to face with a real worry. He must find a way to outsmart Geranium and stop him from stealing his dog’s collar. But how to do that? La Roca’s gentle narrative guides Sander through his struggles against Geranium as he begins his quest to fight the infamous villain and learns that the best way to fight one’s fear is to stand courageously in its path. La Roca stresses on the importance of facing one’s fears and anxieties instead of running away as she gives physical presence to the anxiety, portraying it as the intimidating Geranium who loves to wreak chaos in other people’s lives. Maria Alliaud’s stunningly rendered, full-colored illustrations expertly portray Sander’s wide range of emotions, including his fears, insecurities, and constant anxiety. This is an empathy-driven resource for children struggling with acute anxiety. Back matter includes a note about anxiety and mental health problems. Sander’s courageous tale of facing the scary villain will provide anxiety-ridden children with something to think about.

The Battle of Spencer Street

(Bikes in the Mango Tree Book 1)

by Evi De La Roca (Author), Maria Alliaud (Illustrations)

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Pub date March 28, 2021


Price $7.00 (USD) Kindle edition

Ages 5-10

Categories: Children's Fiction

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