Crucible of Fear: A Thriller by D.W. Whitlock

A well-crafted novel that offers first-rate thrills and chills…

Whitlock makes his foray in fiction with this impressive, nail-biting entry, a chilling tale of deadly secrets, revenge, and computer hacking. A series of shocking incidents are wreaking havoc in the lives of many people. Dante Ellis, a highly successful advertising executive, is one of them. After becoming the target of ruthless hackers known as Dark Messiah, Dante finds his life turning upside down. With no clue about the perpetrators’ motive, Dante sets on to look for a rational explanation for the shocking events unfolding around him. As he digs deeper, he discovers there’s no part of his life that’s too sacred to be used against him and no secret buried too deep to surface. What began as a veiled threat soon became a deadly game of wits and cunning. With his daughter’s life in danger, Dante must do everything to stop the enemy or risk losing everything he cares for. Whitlock adeptly weaves an array of plot strands with well-developed characters, and he is thoroughly skilled when it comes to maintaining a fraught atmosphere. There are a number of subplots, one involving a young father seeing his life turn upside down after an unknown hacker targets him for reasons unknown to him and another focusing on a small-town young woman’s harrowing journey to the city of her dreams, but these fade away as the deadly game of cat-and-mouse escalates between Dante and Dark Messiah. Whitlock’s chilling depiction of the faceless antagonist makes him a thoroughly sinister figure. He does a masterly job maintaining suspense about the antagonists’ identity and deepens the narrative by integrating poignant emotions into the plot. Replete with relentless suspense and shocking revelations, the narrative moves at lightning pace, offering almost nonstop twists throughout. Whitlock keeps the tension high and the reader guessing right up to the open ending, while resolving every single plot twist. He skillfully captures the devastating damage the misuse of digital technology can cause along with the lure of social media, influencer culture, and privacy issues in the online world. With its uncomfortably realistic view of technology misuse, authentic technical background, deeply realized characters, and crisp writing that energizes a familiar plot, this unputdownable thriller is not the one to miss. Fans of Michael Connelly will want to have a look.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Crucible of Fear

A Thriller

By D.W. Whitlock

Buy now

Pub date April 6, 2021

ISBN 9780578839998

Price $3.02 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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