A Price to Pay by Jason Hubbard

Atmospheric, intriguing… An immersive, satisfying read.

Hubbard fills his intriguing fantasy with dark alliances, dirty deals, and insatiable thirst for power. Melindra, a sorceress, finds her life turned upside down after she awakens in a cold castle bedchamber with her memory erased. Unsure what to do next, she decides to move on and reclaim her role as the duchess. But when the uncomfortable secrets of her past come to surface, Melindra finds her loyalties complicated. To right all the wrongs of the past and avert a future tragedy, Melindra must fix her own mistakes first. But the price she has to pay is too heavy. Will she be able to do that? Hubbard keeps the reader engaged with expert plotting and intriguing twists. He shows great care while developing his characters and is solidly convincing, especially when sprinkling the fantasy theme with current political allegory: he weaves in elements of 2017-2020 U.S. Presidency while crafting a fantasy tale that is all his own. Melindra, with her many shades of light and darkness remains an intriguing heroine. Her bond with Prince Robert is endearing. Vincent is slippery and cunning. The monsters in the story are intimidating without being scary, and Melindra’s time on earth is etched in reality. Hubbard’s prose is simple; however, he is excellent when it comes to infusing the narrative with a rich understanding of darkness and light within people’s souls. Intriguing time travel elements, well-crafted fight scenes, compelling protagonist, and a dash of romance make this a quick page-turning read.

A Price to Pay

By Jason Hubbard

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Pub date February 2, 2021


Price $3.00 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy

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