Perspective to Pen: An Anthology by Robert A. Cozzi

A gratifyingly dense, revelatory, and stunning…

The work of twelve talented poets offers an impressive variety of styles and personal experiences in Perspective to Pen: An Anthology, created by Robert A. Cozzi and edited by Ben C. Ward. The collection opens with twelve poems constituting Amnesty International part, the vulnerable and accessible poems (one piece from each poet) in it bring repression, racism, class disparity, and savagery to life. The large array of poems in the collection explores love, longing, loss, grief, morality, self-musings, and political environment, posing questions about one’s own morality while rekindling the power and fury within. Some poems depict inner experience while others reveal the intricacies of life. There is analysis of the self, the pain of loss, of death, and of being alive, the violence, and at the same time, love, empathy, human camaraderie, and a wish for something better. This splendid, extensive assembly of gifted voices will stay with readers long after they turn the last page.

Perspective to Pen: An Anthology

By Robert A. Cozzi  (Author), Ben C. Ward  (Author), Lisa Bain  (Author), Brian Fuchs  (Author), Shanika Benoit  (Author), Max Asbeek Brusse  (Author), Anthony James Rivera (Author), Cody James (Author) Emily Salt (Author), Nahaniel Chin  (Author), Davian Williams  (Author), Carl Straut- Collard (Author)

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Pub date November 30, 2020

ISBN 979-8671667370

Price $16.00 (USD) paperback, $7.82 Kindle edition

Categories: Poetry, Short Reviews

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