BossLadyShip: Color Me a #BossLady by Dr Sue Speaks

Exceptionally hands-on… A revelation in learning how to lead.

Using a unique combination of personal anecdotes, research, and straight talk, Sue, a certified life coach and educator, offers a brilliant actionable compendium to help women, especially women of color navigate the path of leadership. She offers examples drawn from her own experience working as a leader and covers every imaginable topic related to leadership, including self-realization, actualization, overcoming the negative internal and external factors, mentorship, and developing a blueprint for skill sets. She brings to light all of the hurdles that keep women from succeeding such as imposter syndrome, self-doubt and offers clear-cut, practical strategies to deal with those barriers and achieve professional success. Along the way, she explores the impact of COVID crisis on individuals and businesses and offers tactics to keep businesses afloat. It’s clear that Sue has a deep understanding of the subject, and her use of charts, diagrams, and data tables add to the authenticity. With its conversational prose and practical insights, the book makes for a must-read guide for women who are seeking to take on leadership roles.

BossLadyShip: Color Me a #BossLady

By Dr Sue Speaks

Onyx Publishing

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Pub date February 8, 2021

ISBN 978-1913206376

Price $16.94 (USD) Paperback, $7.95 Kindle edition

Categories: Non Fiction, Short Reviews

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