Guide to Spiritual L. A.: The Irreverent, the Awake & the True by Catherine Auman

Vastly informative and engrossing… The essential LA travel reference book.

Auman takes readers on a middle-of-the-road tour of spiritual places in and around LA in her latest travel guide. In a detailed, straightway account, she describes urban legends, longtime mysteries, the landmarks of various traditional religions, historical accounts, homes of the rich and famous, and architectural wonders. Her account forms a charming story, drawing readers with her engaging style and relating LA’s history and many different belief systems. Maintaining a candid, lighthearted tone, Auman fully engages readers in LA’s spiritual landscape and details the city’s exotic tableau with spirituality. The sprightly colored, full-page photographs of different locations enliven the narrative. Sprinkled with seemingly irrelevant and yet amusing yarns—the inclusion of food spots, inns frequented by celebrities—this lively tour of LA is a welcome recess from stuffed, boring travel guides. It will appeal to spiritualists and historians alike. Travelers will be benefitted, whether or not they are planning a trip to the city of dreams.

Guide to Spiritual L. A.

The Irreverent, the Awake & the True

By Catherine Auman

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Green Tara Press

Pub date September 24, 2020

ISBN 9781945085093

Price $19.95 (USD) Paperback, $6.11 Kindle edition

Categories: Non Fiction, Short Reviews

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