Bending Reality by Cory DeAn Cowley

Gripping, provocative, and truly spine-tingling horror…

With vivid prose and an intriguing cast of characters, this exhilarating horror from Cowley tells the tale of one woman’s journey to death and beyond. Thirty-year-old lovely Cory is living a troubled existence, owing to her traumatic past and allure for all things dark. When a meeting with an ex turns violent, Corey finds herself following the darkness and traveling through worlds. Cowley’s keen psychological insights and thorough worldbuilding allow the reader to truly enter her imaginatively crafted paranormal world. Her sharp observations and engrossing storytelling make her protagonist’s winding journey come alive, and she adeptly uses monologue to highlight the pain and suffering underlying the latter’s darkest moments. Rich prose, the deeply realized interplay between various characters, and haunting accounts of the protagonist’s foray into the void add rich texture throughout. A gripping tale of horror and suspense, this is sure to wow. Lovers of darkly intriguing supernatural thrillers will be wise to pick this one.

Bending Reality

By Cory DeAn Cowley

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Pub date September 23, 2020

ISBN 9798684959301

Price $15.99 (USD) paperback

Categories: Paranormal/Supernatural, Short Reviews

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