Love in the Time of the Coronavirus by Victor Lana

A deftly woven tale of love, resilience, and brotherhood…

Lana’s latest is a convincing and resonant portrayal of a man seeking love during COVID crisis as he struggles with his inner demons. It’s February 2020. COVID is gradually spreading its feet in the lives of people around the globe. Vinny Russo is merely drifting through life working as a freelance editor and proofreader after leaving his high-profile wall street job years ago. The death of his father and unexpected breakup with his long-term girlfriend still weighs heavy on his mind. When COVID crisis escalates, resulting in nationwide lockdowns, Vinny witnesses the lives of people in his closely-knit Brooklyn neighborhood turn upside down. When a tragedy hits close to home, Vinny must find strength to begin afresh. Lana effortlessly develops Vinny’s close relationships, including his bond with his mother and his brother, his longing for Emily, his friendship with Edgar and others in the neighborhood, and his enmity with the old Manny. It is his witnessing of the COVID crisis and its impact on others in the neighborhood which shape and buoy the sense of his own direction and strength. Lana adeptly uses language and rhythm to give voice to his characters’ uncertainty, grief, and anger in the face of dire circumstances. Raw and touching, Lana’s examination of loss, be it financial: loss of job or business or physical in the form of death, packs an affective emotional punch. The story of COVID-kid is uncomfortably real, conveying the harsh reality of job loss. This poignant depiction of the multi-generational impact of the pandemic crisis is both universal and intensely specific.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Love in the Time of the Coronavirus

By Victor Lana

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Pub date November 12, 2020


Price $3.09 (USD) Kindle edition, $16.99 Paperback

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