The Orange Dragon Bowl (Julie Tyler Book 1) by Betty P. Notzon

A fabulously exquisite YA coming of age story…

At the heart of Notzon’s poignant coming-of-age novel lies goodness, compassion, love, understanding, and perception. Fifteen-year-old Julie Tyler is a regular teenager with usual teen worries until a series of mishaps turns her life upside down. An incident of poisoned food at the school function is followed by a gang fight, her dad’s past coming to haunt him, and her mom’s cancer diagnosis. As things keep getting worse, Julie comes to have a new understanding about her own fragilities and strengths. Notzon’s layered narrative gives Julie’s story an undeniable pull, its emotionally charged poignancy conveying her determination and strong will. The narrative is evenly paced, the prose assured, and Notzon’s expert handling of her characters’ individual struggles add to the depth. Along the way, she examines the complex, universal themes of bullying, racism, teenage drama, and friendship and family ties. This moving exploration of love, perveance, and determination is a winner.

The Orange Dragon Bowl

(Julie Tyler Book 1)

By Betty P. Notzon

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Pub date October 10, 2020


Price $10.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.05 Kindle edition

Categories: Coming-of-age, Short Reviews, YA

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