You Don’t Want To Get Married by Latesha Kellam

Honest and moving…

Kellam’s latest is a bittersweet story of a young woman who moves to a different city to escape the chaos of her dwindling romance. Jasmine has everything going for her: she has the looks, the support of family and her best friend, and brilliant career prospects with her Master’s Degree in Information Technology completed. But on the relationship front, things are not so great. She’s in love with Denzel, a divorced father of two, for whom the family always comes first. Sensing her love life is not going anywhere, Jasmine accepts a job offer in Virginia and moves there, leaving Massachusetts behind. But Denzel has no intention to let her go. Kellam’s prose, though lacks the fineness of a veteran author, her engrossing storytelling easily draws the reader into Jasmine’s story. Kellam paints a convincing picture of the dilemma most women with self-esteem issues face. She ably depicts issues related to self-esteem and identity through Jasmine’s story, whose inability to take a stand for herself hampers her own chance at happiness. This is a page-turner.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

You Don’t Want To Get Married

By Latesha Kellam

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Pub date December 27, 2020


Price $1.00 (USD0 Kindle edition

Categories: romance, Short Reviews

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