The Language of Corpses (Mechalum Space Book 1) by TT Linse

Complex and brilliant… A magnificently imaginative space opera

Linse examines speculative human evolution and individual struggles in this deeply complex, multifaceted space opera adventure that’s both highly ingenious and utterly convincing. The year is 2728. People can teleport instantaneously throughout 300 human-inhabited worlds using an advanced technology known as gating. On Cecrops, Jazari, a young student of xenolinguistics, unwittingly joins the shady organization of a ruthless crime kingpin Zosi. But circumstances throw her in a difficult situation where escaping Zosi’s clutches means another chance at life. In another faraway world, Eala, a bright scientist is working to unlock the secrets of an amphibious species taktak’s ability to communicate telepathically. In the outer reaches of the Sol system, ZD777 is the lone man aboard a frozen asteroid that is about to explode. Unexpected circumstances bring the trio together. They must find a way to save themselves while trying to figure out a mystery with implications for the future of humankind. A highly imaginative evolutionary history of humanity’s advancement is interspersed throughout, bestowing the reader with insight into a future where virtual immortality, artificial intelligence, and fashion gating is rampant, assassination has taken a new form: an “essent” taking a new body means death of the host, and humankind has mastered the technique of injecting a consciousness into a seemingly endless assortment of prepared bodies, including organically grown flesh-and-blood hosts or special-purpose mechs. Linse sharply addresses the connection between class and survival, weaving pressing ethical questions into an affecting narrative. Woven throughout are the protagonists’ fears, self-doubts, inner turmoil, and ethical dilemmas, as they struggle to adapt to their surroundings. Through ZD777’s story, Linse adeptly examines the psychological pressure of being a lone entity lost among the shards of shattered time. She invokes a frighteningly real sense of desperation as the trio races against time to escape horrific devastation. Nail-biting action punctuates the intrigue on the way to the exhilarating ending. Linse’s prose is crisp and writing lush. She endows her characters with distinct personalities and considerable depth, and her wild imagination gives their individual stories a distinct flavor. The labyrinthine plotting enchants, and the exhilarating ending sets up the stage for the exciting future installments. Linse’s convoluted storytelling and substantial characterization make it a perfect read for lovers of morally serious, highly intricate space opera fiction. This hard-edged, brilliantly imaginative science fiction tale is as complex as it is thought-provoking. Readers will be wowed.

The Language of Corpses

(Mechalum Space Book 1)

By TT Linse


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Pub date September 1, 2020

ISBN 978-1953694003

Price $10.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.13 Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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