Beowulf: A Verse Translation from the Anglo-Saxon by Andrew B. F. Carnabuci

Magnificent and breathtaking…

Carnabuci brings forth a modern translation of Beowulf composed by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet more than a millennium ago in the Germanic and one of the oldest surviving works of literature in the language. When the ferocious man-eating monster Grendel arrives in West Denmark and begins his destruction, the mighty warrior Beowulf arrives with his fleet of war-champions to fight the beast. Victorious, he returns home, takes the throne, and years later dies a hero’s death after his ferocious battle with a gold-hoarding dragon. Carnabuci’s translation brings the great Scandinavian hero’s story to life in its full glory: there is self-reflection and tragedy, mettle and valor, the fifth-century Danish court with its somber grandeur, troops of courageous war-champions clad in brightly ornamented war-gear and battle masks, frightening sea monsters, vicious beasts, and glorious battles. Carnabuci’s Beowulf comes out as a melancholic hero, valiant and noble, flawed and troubled. Clean, straightforward verse affirms Beowulf’s human nature as he lays dying after his ferocious battle with the terrifying dragon (“That these deadly gore-wounds I took with gladness, / For I need not the rule of men, nor dominion, / And I am grown weary of slaughter, now when my life is gone,”). Carnabuci adeptly blends engrossing storytelling with seamless description and expert worldbuilding, and his tidy, engaging verses offer fresh perspectives on Beowulf both as a warrior and as a human. Staying true to the Anglo-Saxon language it was written in during the eighth century, Carnabuci effortlessly preserves the originality of the work, giving the elegiac narrative of the great Scandinavian hero a fresh and compelling reality for contemporary readers. Lovers of epic poetry will be bewitched.  

Beowulf: A Verse Translation from the Anglo-Saxon

By Andrew B. F. Carnabuci

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Pub date July 28, 2019

ISBN 978-1077197497

Price $14.00 (USD) Paperback                                            

Categories: Historical fiction

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