Zimera by Kareen Samuels

Intimate, captivating, and poignant… Enthrallingly irresistible tale…

A richly crafted, poignant tale, Samuels’s novel charts one man’s struggles with depression and past trauma. Cyril Parks, a very successful stand-up comedian, has always struggled with sadness and memories of a traumatic childhood spent under the care of his schizophrenic Jamaican aunt, Aunt Felecie, weighs heavy on his psyche. But when Felecie dies, Cyril finds himself on a downward spiral into depression and mania. Meanwhile, Austin Blane, Cyril’s childhood friend and his only support system, is fighting his own demons while trying to deal with Cyril’s meltdown. When Cyril meets a mysterious woman in his aunt’s house, the events unfold in a way that changes the trajectory of his life. Effortlessly weaving the haunting backstories of her characters (which prove pivotal to the plot), Samuels brings even the most minor characters vividly to life. In a book of this scope, the narrative tends to be top-heavy in spots, but Samuels’ expert storytelling and keen insights into human psyche make sure the reader stays invested. Samuels’s characters are all too human and fallible, her prose crisp, and the descriptions of both the mundane and the otherworldly are equally affecting. Samuels’s gift for evocative and yet transparent magical realism shines through the story of Zimera, the ancestral spirit who is often dispatched to rescue a loved one in need. This tightly focused, poignant, and satisfying tale of individual struggles, life, friendship, and family ties is a winner. Samuels is an author to watch.


By Kareen Samuels

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Cadmus Publishing

Pub date October 5, 2020

ISBN 9781734364477

Price $10.88 (USD) Paperback, $6.92 Kindle edition

Categories: Fiction

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