Inventor Anonymous: The shocking true story behind the world’s biggest patent monopoly, the Automobile Title by Kathleen Keith

An expertly woven and addictive offering…

Filled with drama and suspense, this absorbing narrative chronicles one man’s journey as he fights political injustice and government autocracy. When sixteen-year-old Cecil Snyder left home in search of a better life, he had no idea his life was going to take a drastic turn. While working at Maxwell Motors, Cecil realized that car theft was a major concern for a large number of people. With his sharp intellect and knack for problem-solving, he developed a technology that made it impossible to dispose of a stolen vehicle. But after he successfully patented his invention, the government took it all away. Countless legal battles, jail terms, and false allegations threw him into the depths of poverty. But Cecil is determined to reclaim what was his to begin with. Told from the perspective of Eleanor Snyder, the oldest daughter of Cecil Snyder, the story concerns the Depression era. Replete with vivid details of government brutality, political injustice, and awe-inspiring perseverance of a family, this poignant account skillfully intertwines immense opportunities with the tumultuous government policies of the era. This is a unique and compassionate portrait of one family’s fight against unfairness and poverty. Readers will be riveted.

Inventor Anonymous

The shocking true story behind the world’s biggest patent monopoly, the Automobile Title

By Kathleen Keith

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Pub date March 10, 2020

ISBN 9781734498301


Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews

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