The Reason for Time (Maggie Dunn books, #3) by Deborah Court

Exceptional… A meticulously constructed, remarkable mystery.

Court concludes the Maggie Dunn trilogy with this compelling, deeply poignant installment. Accompanied by the feisty Alison Budge who is fleeing her own past, Maggie Dunn is back in Canada, determined to reclaim her identity. On their way to Canada, they meet the very British, Wolfe Corbyn, a bank accountant banished from his father’s London bank because of his crimes there, and the trio join forces in their quest to begin afresh. But Dr. Oleg is still on Maggie’s trail. With her health deteriorating rapidly and personal trauma ripe, Maggie is barely holding it all together until she disappears suddenly. As Alison and Wolfe begin to look into Maggie’s disappearance with the help of the compassionate Dr. Richard, a sinister plot comes to surface. Will they be able to locate their friend before its’ too late? Mystery fans will find plenty of twists and surprising revelations, and Court simply excels when it comes to characterization. The things at the bank aren’t exactly smooth, with Wolfe seeing an emerging pattern of financial fraud in audits, and his passion for art is making him restless. Alison is already struggling to come to terms with Maggie’s disappearance, and Duncan’s disappearance at home doesn’t make life that easier to bear. There are new complications in Dorothy’s relationship with Alison due to sudden vanishing act of Duncan. Maggie is a total mess, owing to her deteriorating physical condition, and her relentless efforts of hiding her real identity are taking a toll on both her mental and spiritual health. Mourning her old life, her job, her marriage, her true identity, she is slowly edging toward despair. With the protagonists struggling to find answers to their deep-rooted questions about identity and relationships, anguish and misery stay at the center of the theme, but Court expertly uses cozy bond of friendship and Alison and Wolfe’s heartfelt journey to self-discovery to add warmth to the plot. Filled with wit and insight, Court’s writing is erudite and full of understanding and gracefully unravels the tensions of the plot. Her prose is engaging and precise, and she balances tightly written scenes of Maggie, Alison, and Wolfe’s inner struggles with tension-filled storyline. Court also explores such issues as whether medical, particularly genetic advancements are boon or bane, the nature of individual identity, what really makes a family, and friendship ties. Traditional mystery fans and lovers of cozies alike will be left breathless… and deeply touched.

The Reason for Time

(Maggie Dunn books, #3)

By Deborah Court

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Pub date January 4, 2021


Price $12.00 (Paperback), $3.96 Kindle edition

Categories: Mystery

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