The Lev Effect by Sheldon Greene

Smart, humorous, and socially conscious… Dazzling.

Brilliantly detailed characters and subtle social observations mark Greene’s unassuming but powerful latest, sequel to the critically-acclaimed, Lost and Found. When Nudelman presented his idea of converting the little used retirement home to a Jewish boarding school, it didn’t take long for the board members to implement the idea. But the things change drastically after Lev Kyol, a Russian refugee, is hired as the new director for the school. Highly driven and exceptional, Lev’s peculiar decisions which includes admitting a Palestinian boy, scheduling Palestine National Day, and organizing a fundraiser for a Catholic homeless shelter among others rock the small, rigid Jewish community of Bolton. More complications arise with the family that endowed the retirement home sues the board to regain their trust fund. Imbued with the textures and traditions of a small Pennsylvanian town, the narrative is pulled along by a series of effortlessly incorporated casual happenings of everyday lives of various characters. Intelligent, crisp prose pulls the reader deep into the intriguing storyline. The writing is assured, dialogue sharp, and the novel’s pace measured and leisurely. Through lev’s story, Greene shows the reader the power of perseverance and faith. Though, the novel is imbued with revealing insights and social ideology, Greene, with his intriguing cast of relatable characters and their authentic interpersonal dynamics manages to make it both witty and luminous at once. Greene’s insightful exploration of faith will resonate with readers looking for complex characters and rich prose. Lovers of literary fiction won’t want to miss this one.

The Lev Effect

By Sheldon Greene

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Pub date

ISBN 9781735184906

Price $13.50 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 (Nook book)

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