I Am Unbreakable (Josh and Izzy, #2) by Angela Mack

Completely engaging… A raw, emotional story of love and family.

Mack delivers a poignant YA drama, exploring themes of family ties and romance in this layered contemporary second installment in the Josh and Izzy series. Josh and Ryan are fighting for their life in hospital, and Georgie is at home with Izzy’s parents. Without Josh by her side, Izzy is finding it hard to hold it up all together. Will Josh make it or lose the ultimate fight? Mack uses first-person voice to make Izzy’s pain palpable, and through a series of flashbacks, the narrative draws the reader into the inner world of Josh and Ryan. A skillfully constructed plot and intriguing, deeply realized characters complement the main storyline, which engages and satisfies at once. Studded with sharp insights into PTSD-related trauma, grief, teenage psyche, family ties, love, and friendship, the novel makes for a poignant read. This touching, deeply engrossing tale with powerful narrative drive is a winner.

I Am Unbreakable

(Josh and Izzy, #2)

By Angela Mack

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Pub date March 1, 2021

ASIN B08MC41673

Price $3.09 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Short Reviews, YA

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