Death of the Cosset by Kimberly Jane Oswald

An electrifying debut…

Oswald makes her foray into historical thriller genre with this excellent entry marked with desire and greed, obsession and fear, and murder. Thirty-two-year-old Egyptologist, Cassandra Seldon, is on a mission to find some kind of proof to support a new time-line theory, called Dynasty Zero, pre-dating the First Dynasty in Egyptian history. After discovering a papyrus in the tomb of a long-dead Egyptian queen, Cassandra begins to decode its mysteries. The secrets and conspiracies that stayed hidden for centuries come to surface, making Cassandra realize her own destiny is about to unravel. Oswald skillfully weaves together all the pieces, including the parallel story of queen Iput from 2350 B.C., to create a vivid historical tale. She raises the suspense by infusing the narrative with painful flashbacks from Cassie’s past and secrets and conspiracies that accompany Queen Iput’s story, which includes the latter’s clever plan to secure her rightful position as Egypt’s Queen, with Kagemni working on his own sinister conspiracy, trying to settle score with the King. The troubled, vulnerable Cassandra, her somber attitude masking a keen intelligence, makes for a worthy protagonist. The ruthless and shrewd Iput is thoroughly appealing with her rigid determination and grit. The characters’ interpersonal dynamic is sketched with remarkable verve and skill. There’s nonstop supply of surprising twists and shocking revelations, plus tender moments of longing and love. The result is an expertly plotted, utterly engaging mystery that keeps the reader deeply invested all the way to its satisfying conclusion. With its suspenseful plot and emotionally provocative backstories of its female protagonists, the novel will appeal as much to historical thriller fans as to lovers of women’s fiction.

Death of the Cosset

By Kimberly Jane Oswald


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Pub date October 28th 2020

ISBN 9781800460454

Price $16.89 (USD) Paperback, $6.84 Kindle

Categories: Historical fiction, Mystery

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