From Art to Empowerment: How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice by Annette Luycx

Offbeat, authentically original… A beautiful, accessible workbook.

Art educator and mentor Annette Luycx present a highly practical and effective amalgamation of personal experience, practical workouts, studio process, and art exercises to help women artists-to-be develop an artistic voice through self-discovery.  Drawing on her own teaching workshop, Becoming an Artist: Art as a Process, Luycx introduces guidelines to help discover a personal visual language for artists. In the workshop, the students are encouraged to work on an issue of personal interest and use cut-and-paste collage and photomontage techniques. Aimed at budding women artists, the workbook is designed to help them develop their own individual artistic voice. Mixing art-making with issues of individual interests prompts students to venture into their inner world of self-enquiry and self-reflection, helping them to discover the relation between their thinking process and artistic expression. Two techniques make for the basis of Luycx’s method: visualization of personal issues by consciously using the imagination and journaling to keep track of the artistic process. While the visualization of personal issues encourages students to experiment with self-directed ways of using collage material, the journaling enforces self-discipline and better organizational skills. The key is to venture into one’s inner world of imagination and scrutiny and discover their unique creativity while setting fear and doubts aside. Luycx’s formula for instilling these lessons is simple: she categorizes the whole process into twelve consecutive sessions (from how to access the imagination, metaphors and the meaning of images to memories, color sessions, dreams and nightmares, feelings, spirituality and personal symbols, meaning and material, abstract art and multimedia, and finally preparing for the exhibition), breaking down the multidimensional reality of creating art in such a way that the reader can follow each session in order to absorb the psychology behind each step and understand their working both individually and as a collective group. Besides the workshop, Luycx explores issues such as how despite women making up a majority of art students everywhere, more male artists exhibit their works in art galleries and museums and how most professional artists are men. Accompanied stunning collages add to the intrigue of the book. This uncommon approach to developing an artistic voice has way more to offer than other such guides and is a great deal more accessible. With the book as an inspiration, the women artists-to-be will discover an exhilarating new way of creating art and uncover their hidden abilities.

From Art to Empowerment: How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice

By Annette Luycx

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Archway Publishing

Pub date January 23, 2020

ISBN 9781480884960

Price $28.95 (USD) Paperback, $9.45 Kindle edition

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