The Dagger (The Madigan Chronicles Book 1) by Marieke Lexmond

One magical and thrilling ride…

Lexmond’s series kicker in The Madigan Chronicles serves up fiery protagonists, a mystical world-building, and plenty of surprising twists. The Madigan family, a long-line of powerful witches, is the keeper of a magical wand, one of the four artifacts imbued with the power of the elements. It’s been years since Bridget Madigan, a young detective working in Boston and granddaughter of the Madigans, has a fallout with her mother. But when a brutal murder points toward her own kin’s involvement and a magical Dagger, another artifact imbued with the power of elements goes missing, Bridget must return home and get justice for the victim. The pace and plot begin at a quick note, and Lexmond keeps the surprises coming without losing the momentum. The estranged family dynamics, clash of strong personalities, and countless twists fuel the narrative. The expertly executed plot and well-conceived worldbuilding elevate the plot further. Headstrong female characters and a tangled mystery make this a lively, deeply engrossing urban fantasy.

The Dagger

(The Madigan Chronicles Book 1)

By Marieke Lexmond

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Pub date November 24, 2020


Price $5.14 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy

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